Hi, I'm Peter Kirwan

Writer & content strategist

I create and manage content about B2B tech, fintech, the media business, 
adtech/martech and telecommunications.

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About me

I'm an experienced writer and content strategist. I work for agencies, media owners and in-house marketing organisations, creating and producing cross-platform content that resonates with buyers.

I typically work as part of ad hoc project teams. This means I speak the language of adtech, analytics, comms, design, martech, media relations, sales and SEO. I'm very happy in data-driven environments.

In a tech industry full of fragmented specialisms, I'm a pattern recogniser, a synthesiser, a storyteller. It's my job to seek out the people and circumstances that drive compelling narratives.

What I do


Short form and long form, on deadline and on point: text, video, audio, social and ad copy. From outbound emails to 5,000-word hero assets and video scripts.

Content strategy

I develop campaign concepts, commissioning and managing production from start to finish. I audit content portfolios, seeking out overlaps, gaps and misalignment. I pinpoint what needs to be commissioned, retired, replaced or adjusted. Great content strategy requires a rare mix of skills. Drop me a line to discuss your needs.

Video and audio

I work with videographers, animators, designers, illustrators, podcasters, and presenters. My job is to supply narrative structure: from discussion guides that get participants in the zone to storyboards and post-production management. 


I'm a skilled moderator, panelist and interviewer. I bring out the best in panelists and engage audiences, contributing warmth and humour or asking probing  questions as required. You define the objective, I'll deliver the interaction.


Great research opens the door to uniquely powerful content. I have spent a decade working on quant research projects for one of the world's leading tech media owners. I'm comfortable defining the audience, drafting the questions, cutting the 
data and building out content.


Customer journeys change. Product lifecycles accelerate. Functionality is updated incrementally in the cloud. These trends challenge the logic of Big Bang content lifecycles. Repurposing assets can be a cost-effective response. Get in touch to explore the possibilities.

Account-based marketing (ABM)

I acquired an in-depth understanding of ABM during a lengthy engagement with one of the segment's leading platform vendors. Narrative skills play an underrated role in ABM: I bring the eye of a content strategist to bear on one-to-many and one-to-few campaigns.


I have developed and delivered many training courses for industry executives and journalists. Areas of specialisation include Financial Analysis and Social Media for Journalists and a Tech Foundation course for first jobbers in B2B tech marketing. 
I have prepared industry executives for print and video interviews across EMEA, working in a wide range of different cultural and political contexts.


I grew up on the backbench, rewriting, fettling, fact-checking, resurrecting buried ledes and re-building inverted pyramids. In the 21st century, these skills are increasingly rare, but remain vital.

Pre-pitch advisory

I prepare agency executives for major pitches by helping them to understand the strategic questions driving dialogue at the highest levels inside the target organisation. My briefings draw upon deep industry knowledge and financial/regulatory disclosure. My work has shared the credit for some big account wins. Get in touch if you'd like to know more.


Where I come from

I started out working in newsrooms, committing acts of journalism. In the 2000s, I worked as editor of Computing, managing a 25-strong editorial team producing a 150,000-circulation weekly newspaper for IT professionals. 

I went on to become the title's publisher, managing the P&L, overhauling circulation and selling the story to advertisers.

I subsequently launched Fullrun, a successful subscription-based website and events business for the tech marketing and PR community.

I have worked as a contributor to The Guardian, a columnist for Press Gazette (Media Money) and a feature writer and columnist for Wired (The Great Transition).

For over a decade, I have worked as a freelance copywriter and content strategist for B2B tech vendors, agencies and media owners.

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