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Peter Kirwan

B2B tech copywriter and content strategist

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I’m a writer, analyst and content strategist with over two decades of experience in B2B technology, telecoms and media.

I specialise in identifying compelling stories and making them resonate with your customers and potential customers.

I create, repurpose, curate and audit content: ad copy, white papers, social media, audio and video scripts, infographics, micro-sites and much more besides.

I work for vendors, agencies and media owners, for multi-nationals as well as start-ups. I understand the B2B buying cycle and the challenges that confront tech marketers. I play nicely with in-house subject matter experts.

My working days involve a lot of collaborating in ad hoc teams. As a result, I speak the language of ad tech, martech, design, messaging, sales, engineering, social media, SEO and PR.

Whether you are thinking about a standalone asset or something more complex, drop me a line. Especially if your plans are at an early stage, it's always good to talk.

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